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Our Story

Integrity.   Authenticity.   Commitment.                                                                                                                                

Founded in 1971, Platin Shirts is the product of a family owned business and this is reflected in the spirit of the brand.

Our History and Values

The family spirit provides Platin Shirts the space to be authentic, be committed to its goals uninterruptedly and implement its long term vision without taking into account any investor agenda. With the families’ third generation actively working for the company, Platin Shirts is committed to produce the best quality of shirts men can wear.


Integrity, authenticity and commitment lie at core of our values. Attention to detail and reliability are inherited gifts that have been passed on through generations. As Platin Shirts, we are aware of the responsibility towards our clients, business partners as well as to the wider community we are operating at. We are proud to state that we are actively taking measures to live up to our responsibilities.

The Brand

As Platin, we do not view fashion as consisting of temporary trends. Fashion is a form of expression, it is a statement and it is timeless. We blend the past and the future in order to create a timeless style. Our classic designs allow the confident men to be smart casual at all settings from day to night. Powered by tradition and innovation, high quality fabrics transform into an uncomplicated look of the confident gentlemen. What begun as shirt production in Platin extended to shirts, t-shirts, knitwear, ties, scarves and accessories over the past 50 years of continuous operation.

What We Offer

As an international brand, we operate globally. We produce and wholesale across different continents and offer private label production for our clients. Our geographic proximity allow a seamless and timely logistic operation to be conducted. We put high importance on cooperation and maintaining transparent communication with our clients in order to support them with their changing business needs.

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