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Protect the Environment.   Protect the People. 


We are conscious of our responsibilities towards the environment and to the community we are operating at. As a result, we are putting goals and taking active steps in order to contribute to our community both ecologically and socially. As a family-owned business, we are able to think and act based on our value systems on a longer term. We place high importance on being fully transparent, as it provides space for further cooperation on achieving an optimum strategy for our sustainability goals.


‘Corporate Responsibility plays a key role in sustainability. We are happy to see that both consumers and producers acknowledge this on a global scale and take measures accordingly.’

We are supporting slow fashion since the day of our foundation. Platin Shirts’ timeless style and high quality enable longer life span for the products.


We are digitalizing our operation processes in order to achieve efficient waste management. We are aiming to become paperless.


We are supporting innovative and sustainable methods within the production process in order to minimize the depletion and pollution caused.

‘We are taking a holistic approach for our sustainability plan. We are taking active measures to address ecological and social issues while also prioritizing the well-being of our staff.’

We are supporting our employees with their chosen volunteering work. We believe in the importance of empowering the community we are operating at. In order to promote this, we allow our employees to allocate time within working hours to engage with volunteering activities such as mentoring.


We are placing the safety and social conditions within the supply chain process as our utmost priority.


We are putting high emphasis on mental health concerns of our employees. One of our female employees is nominated as the first point of contact regarding the mental health related issues of our employees.

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